David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "let me do it again"

We interrupt this regularly scheduled request line to bring you delusions of Shel Silverstein country song.

Folks got a whole lotta notions:
what happens when we reach the end?
Some say there's heaven,
some say a new world,
some say nothin', don't try to pretend.
But buddy, I know when it's my time to go
what I want to have at the end:
hey, there, Whoever, up in the Big Never:
Let me just do it over again.

Just let me do it again.
I'll fix all the things that went wrong.
No need for hopin', or wishin', or mopin',
I'll go through the world on a song.
I'll know what to do, when and how, and with who,
and I'll never once let down a friend.
or be a regretter -- I'll do so much better,
If you just let me do it again.

Once round just ain't enough time to get right
everything that can ever go wrong.
What seems wrong as hell can still work out all right,
What seems right can sometimes go wrong.
This and that, them and we, him and her, you and me -- all of us muddle along.
it seems like a clumsy and cruel way to be. And that's why I'm singin' this song.

So if you can hear me, Whoever,
and you're waitin' for us at the end,
I'd sure be obliged if you'd just let me try
this whole carny ride once again.
I could still get it right,
yesterday and tonight --
they say that tomorrow comes then --
If you just let me do it,
then I could pull through it,
so let me go do it, oh please, let me do it,
won't you please let me do it again.
Tags: a poem every day

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