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Um, apparently I am writing a MONSTERS VS. ALIENS fic. We'll see how it comes out; so far, it's sort of like the movie in that the characters are fun, but the story needs a ton of work.

A random curiosity: I haven't read much FIREFLY fic. Folks who have: are there any Inara/Kaylee fics in which 1) it is revealed that Kaylee is saving up her take from various jobs in order to pay for Inara's Companion Experience or 2) Kaylee decides that Inara needs a Companion of her own -- nobody ever takes care of her needs -- and starts trying to figure out how to go about that? Just asking; I don't have any intention of writing fic in the fandom, but every so often I like to think about story gimmicks in fandoms not my own. I think these could be amusing and kind of sweet gimmicks to build a story around, and they came pretty readily to mind, so I was curious if anybody's ever written them.

(If anybody has, odds are they'd be too heavy on the pr0n for me. My ideal version of #1 would probably be Kaylee getting her huge wad o' savings stolen and going after the thief with gusto, because she was just on the verge of being able to afford the Inara Experience -- more focused on the caper, and Kaylee being angry and bad-ass, but also adorable; little or nothing on bedroom gyrations.)
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