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I just rewatched SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES' "To the Lighthouse" and followed it up with "Adam Raised a Cain."

Short non-spoilery commentary: HOLY CRAP is this show getting good. Everything is really hitting its marks, and all the plot threads are coming together in a really effective way.

The scenario the show has set up is really quite terrific: on most shows that run season-long plots, you kind of know what to expect come season's end. Oh, yeah, that's when Buffy fights the Master. The shows tell you what's going to happen, then do it. What SCC's doing -- and this is really interesting, and it's very enjoyable as a viewer -- is that rather than leading to one expected climactic outcome at season's end, the show actually could do a bunch of different things at this point, *any of which would be dramatically satisfying.* It's not that I have no idea where they're going; it's that they have so many good ways they could go, and I'm not sure if they'll pick one I've been pondering or if they'll do something else that's good that I hadn't thought of. Because they could totally do that from here.

That's pretty cool.
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