David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

SCC season finale: some quick thoughts

Very tense and effective; not as "holy shit!" as the previous episode, but really did a good job of building tension and then bringing the "WTF?" at the end.

Man, way to make us wait for that meeting between the Connors and Weaver, huh? I have to confess that I was a little disappointed that Weaver passed the message she did along to Cameron; I wanted it to stay ambiguous for as long as possible. I really wanted to see what was going to happen when they met, but I think the show could have milked the moment to make us wonder if John and Sarah were en route to their doom.

-- When the tank exploded, I was sad for the eel! And then it turned out to be part of Catherine, and she hoovered it up. So, yay, no eel death! But also, man, that kinda opens up a whole new range of abilities for the T-1001, doesn't it? I guess now we know what that extra 1 is for.

-- The ending makes for an interesting scenario in a hoped-for third season: John, and presumably Sarah, in the future with Weaver, plus alternate future versions of Derek and Kyle; Cameron out of commission but Allison in play; and John Henry wandering around somewhere. In the past, Ellison, Savannah, and Cameron's body. Probably a smaller role for those characters, at least for a while (though we might see what became of Ellison and Savannah in that future). It could be interesting for a bit, though putting all those characters in the future together, sharing scenes, means one thing: relationshipping, like crazy. Now the frustrated shippers will have all manner of combinations to play with: Sarah/Kyle! Sarah/Derek! John/Allison! Sarah/John Henry! John/Weaver! Whereas, last season, the characters who spent large amounts of time together were either related or not interested in each other. Which, to be honest, I liked.

(If it's not obvious: I am deeply irritated by relationshipping, and consider it a scourge of modern fandom. SO THERE.)

OTOH, if the show doesn't come back, you can't accuse them of leaving the fans with nothing to work with, can you?

And just for the record: DOLLHOUSE officially sucks. And it is *talented* at sucking. It takes consummate skill at sucking to have an episode in which an established character is revealed to be a double agent and gets whacked -- *and make the episode boring.* An episode, I hasten to add, in which Eliza Dushku wears dominatrix gear, complete with leather corset, panties, and garter belt. Repeat: *I am a heterosexual male and I found this episode lame and boring.* Now *that,* folks, is a show with a serious entertainment deficit.

(Although maybe it's me, but Sierra is turning out to be the real star, isn't she? I have no interest in the series, but I'll watch that actress in the next thing she does.)
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