David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

ammo costs are ridiculous

I've been insulated from this, as I did a massive bulk ammo purchase last year, but ammunition is getting *ridiculously* scarce and expensive. How ridiculous? At my NRA class, I met a gun dealer who was desperately seeking .380 ACP ammunition. I don't shoot .380 at all, so I didn't know this, but it's apparently become absolutely impossible to get. The cartridge languished for a while, but it's popular again in large part because of Kel-Tec, which came up with the P-3AT, an amazingly tiny carry gun -- literally, you can put it in the pocket of a pair of shorts, and no one will see it at all. Six rounds, polymer frame, extremely light. There are other .380s available, notably Ruger's recent entry to compete with Kel-Tec, the LCP -- and that's a very hot gun at the moment, very difficult to get. And the dealer was sitting on multiple .380s in his shop, which he couldn't sell, because *he had no ammo.* And nobody else did, either. He managed to horse-trade some at the class.

Another guy I met was going crazy because he couldn't find -- I can't believe this -- .22LR. Seriously. It's only the most common and cheapest and dinkiest plinking round out there, but he couldn't find any for sale. Saturday night, on my way home from the class, I stopped by my local Wal-Mart, and they had some that had just come in that day. $18 a brick. (550 rounds, for Remington's Golden Bullet.) EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. FOR A BRICK OF .22LR. If you do not shoot, that is high. I think the last time I bought it, I paid eleven. And noted, "Huh, prices have gone up."

I bought four bricks, which was half of what they had, and sold my classmate one for $20. Apparently, I was very nice. One guy in the class sells ammo at gun shows. He said he's seen bricks of .22LR going for $40. (!!!!) Out of curiosity, I stopped in the same Wal-Mart on the way back from class today. Sold out. The lady behind the counter said they only got one case in (ten bricks), and it sold in less than 24 hours. I just went over and clicked on the various cartridges for sale at Ammoman.com, and he's out of almost everything. Holy crap.
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