David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "little old lonelyhearts me"

The song lyrics kick continues. I know there are still several requests outstanding; don't worry, if I haven't gotten to you, I will. In the meantime, um, apparently I'm looking to write an album for Bobby Bare.

I ain't had that much luck with women.
And it's not because I haven't tried.
Like each drowning man who gets started by swimmin',
my heart just sank way down and died.
But I've found this new dating service,
with a great money-back guarantee --
so I'm makin' this tape. Baby, I'm your escape,
little old lonelyhearts me.

I guess this whole thing is impulsive.
I never been what you call thin.
And yeah, sure, my face was repulsive
before all the acne kicked in,
but under the oils and the red seething boils
there's a sweet guy you'd just love to see,
my phone's in the hall, and I'll wait for your call,
little old lonelyhearts me.

My teeth are all broken and rotten.
Don't watch me while I'm chewin' food.
And maybe my manners are best off forgotten,
'cause I'm just a little bit rude.
I got some BO, and I think you should know
I got more than one social disease --
but you'll know, 'cause you're told, that my heart is pure gold,
little old lonelyhearts me.

There's gotta be somebody out there
who's dyin' to meet someone like me.
Don't judge by the cover, babe, now, that's unfair.
Surely you've gotta agree.
So I slicked back my hair and I sat in this chair.
Camera's rollin', I'm on the marquee!
And I'll give a big grin, with the teeth that are in,
little old lonelyhearts me.

I really don't care what you look like,
long as you're pretty and blonde.
And maybe five-one, or five-two, at the most,
and you look good without nothin' on.
They say beggars ain't choosers, but man, that's for losers.
No uglies, and no fatties please!
Oh, you'll see that I
am a wonderful guy
if you're out on the street I might give you the eye
see, I even dragged out my old granddad's bow tie --
sure, my house makes a shantytown look like Versailles --
but I just can't wait 'till I get your reply
little old lonelyhearts me.
Tags: a poem every day

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