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David Hines [userpic]

APED: "things I been"

April 19th, 2009 (09:06 pm)

I been around, man, been around,
I been up and down the town,
I been lost and I been found,
I been flyin' and on the ground,
I been free and I been bound,
I been to sea and run aground,
I been clocked in, and out, and wound,
I been unknown and been renowned,
But most of all, I been profound.
Dig the stuff that I propound,
I'll speak up, let my voice resound,
with thoughts that puzzle and confound,
and words of grace that will astound,
so listen close as I expound,
ears hangin' on my every sound,
let your wonderment compound,
as you behold my stomping ground,
and all the gardens that surround,
and if you think my thoughts unsound,
you'll witness greatness that's unbound --
now come on, girl. Let's fool around.