David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "sing hey, the pharoah"

Deep in the desert of Egypt,
a pyramid squats in the sand.
It's the home of an old fallen pharoah,
who used to rule over the land.
He lies in a tomb with his gold, beer, and bread,
His brain and his heart are in jars by his bed,
but he doesn't mind all of that, for he's dead --
sing hey, the Pharoah is here!

The Pharoah fought many a battle,
but no one remembers their names.
He owned sheep and goats and fine cattle,
and number on number of slaves.
Now he owns nothing, not even himself.
The museum's explorers have stolen his wealth
And they put him way in the back on a shelf,
sing hey, the Pharoah is here!

The Pharoah grew old and grew weak,
and never went far from his home.
He gave up his battles and never dared travel
and settled down, never to roam.
But now he's crossed oceans, and flown in the air,
gone farther than any live pharoah would dare,
mute witness to wonders beyond all compare,
sing hey, the Pharoah is here!

His glass case is in the museum,
so you can go see for yourself.
He's been admired by many
since being taken off of his shelf.
The fine gallery over which he presides
contains him and some of his riches besides
and he's worshipped by tourists and praised by the guides,
sing hey, the Pharoah is here!
Tags: a poem every day

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