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take me out to the pogrom

The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg posted an absolutely amazing article from the WASHINGTON POST of September 1, 1926. The article was originally unearthed by Hall of Fame research librarian Bill Francis, who sent it on to Michael Chabon, who sent it to Goldberg.

Ku Klux Klan Faces Hebrews Labor Day

The Ku Klux Klan and Hebrew All-Star nines will provide local sandlot baseball fans with action Labor day when the clash on the Arlington Horse Show Grounds diamond at 3 o'clock. The Klansmen originally booked the Rialtos, but when that team was not sure of mustering a full club, due to the holiday, the All-Stars were substituted. Both teams have fine records.

The following players, who will represent the Hebrews, will meet at the Jewish community center Monday at 1 o'clock: Nate Sauber, Povich, Myers, Lipkin, Flaherty, J. Sauber, Willie Wolf, Milwit, Jaffe, Gischner, H. Sauber, Sam. Simon and "Ikey" Dreyfus.

...there is SO MUCH MORE to that story than that article lets on. Two questions: 1) Who won?!?! 2) Who was the lucky Klansman who got to call up the Jews?


I think this means that TWILIGHT's vampire baseball is, in fact, officially *not* the most ridiculous game of baseball ever conceived.
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