David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "rocky iv"

mindset requested a poem set to the Soviet Anthem and based on the events of ROCKY IV.

Rocky came Eastward to fight Ivan Drago,
braving the snow for a training montage.
Avenging the death of his old friend Apollo,
who fell underneath the huge Russian's barrage.

Balboa! The Italian Stallion.
Go the distance, Rocky, without fail.
No meat to punch here, the lines are too long
unless you're high in the party ranks.
Train as best you can with what you have:
saw wood, split logs and then pull a sledge!

Rocky climbed mountains, the Russian used needles
each of them training to be the best man.
At first Rocky's efforts were clumsy and feeble
and yet he persisted with Duke's training plan!


The crowd hated Rocky, and cheered for the Russian,
but soon were won over as blows were exchanged!
Better two men fighting than twenty million,
Dare we to dream: everybody can change!

Tags: a poem every day

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