David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

whatcha whittlin' there? oh, just an AR-15 lower

Something non-gun nuts may not know about the AR-15: you can buy them in pieces! Because the lower receiver (the part with the trigger on it) is the part legally considered a firearm, that's the only thing you have to go through a dealer to buy. Upper receivers you can just buy through the mail. They don't work without a lower, and you can get several in varying calibers, so you can use what is legally considered one firearm to shoot a broad variety of stuff.

You can build your own lower receiver, too. You can buy it as a finished receiver and parts kit, then put it together yourself; you go through an FFL dealer when you do that, too. But some people are handy and enjoy a challenge, so they go out and build their own lowers.

Some people *really* build their own lowers.

Like this guy, who whittled one. Well, okay, he milled it, but still, he built a functioning AR-15 receiver out of a block of wood.

It only lasted three shots, but hey, he built it.

(It's quite legal to build your own firearms, provided you don't build full-autos. If you do that, you have to get the permission of the ATF, and they'll only give it if you're making it for a government agency. When I have a house and can actually set up a shop, I might try my hand at gun-building.)
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