David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "a good day"

Yesterday turned out just awful.
But things will go better today.
They couldn't be worse. It's not lawful.
What happened? Well, just let me say:
Our pipes were corroded,
So when I was goaded
to eat something pallid and gray,
and had to unload it,
our plumbing imploded,
and the downstairs was all washed away.
And flames licked the walls,
and the smoke filled the halls,
and our lives all were in disarray,
And the cookstove exploded,
-- hence the fire I've noted --
Let today be let a very good day.

Even though it's a drain,
I'll just smile through the pain
Though the last day was nothing but bad.
Yesterday's gone, so I'm starting again
After all of the trouble I've had.
I'm erasing the stain,
and reframing my brain,
and determined that I won't be sad.
It might be denial,
but I think that I'll
let today be a very good day.

Sure, the kitchen's all burned,
and the tub's overturned
and everything's covered in grime,
and somehow my horrible rash has returned
and the clock's given up keeping time,
and my heart has been spurned
and there's no interest earned
and somehow the ceiling drips slime,
and there's snakes in the toilet --
don't let those things spoil it.
Let today be a very good day.
Tags: a poem every day

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