David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "take it from me"

Stories of monsters and dragons and dark,
stories of ruins and spires,
stories of landscapes, all blasted and stark,
stories of swamps and of mires.
I'll tell you some stories you'll never believe,
and stories you'll worry are true.
And stories that only were made to deceive,
like you tell yourself about you.

So come and sit down, I'll tell you some tales.
Don't worry, I won't charge a fee.
The hero fights hard, and sometimes he prevails,
but not always. Take it from me.

You say to yourself: when it matters, you're brave.
In the clutch, you will dig deep to win.
You'll stand for the truth, till you go to the grave,
and you'll never once let down a friend.
And you'll fight when you have to, but try to make peace,
and you'll make mistakes once -- not again.
Your life will get better, your joy will increase.
And you will not ever give in.

These stories are lies. For you're full of fear.
Sometimes you'll do nothing but lose.
You'll lie through your teeth, and when a choice nears
The selfish thing's what you will choose.
You'll run from a fight that you could have won.
The error that's worst, you'll repeat.
You'll take up things, and then leave them undone.
You'll give in. You'll screw up. You'll cheat.

I'm the voice in your ear, and I'm telling you tales:
Some good, and some bad. You will see.
Fight as hard as you want. Sometimes you'll prevail.
But not always. Take it from me.
Tags: a poem every day

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