David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

victory in the shed wars

My main reason for coming to visit Ma was to build her a shed. THIS IS DONE. Well, mostly. Also, it was sort of rebuilding. She'd had a shed in the yard, but it had been disused for years and had been overgrown. So she had some guys take out the overgrowth, and her neighbor Don did some demo work, reducing the shed to its frame. When I came up, Don and I got together and started work. Don handled the design stuff, and I handled the heavy lifting, and together we beefed up the frame, put on spacers, added new siding, pulled the shed square, put on a roof, and asphalt-felted and shingled said roof. Also, we built a front door. The only thing that needs work is a small bit of siding and trim work, and Don said that he and Ma can work that out on their own. So I can leave with a clear conscience, which is good because some matters back home demand my attention. This was our last day of work, and as such was highly productive: we hung the door, installed the roof, felted, and then I did all the shingling. The shingling involved a little racing of the sun.

Also, the dog never fails to amuse.

RANDOM PERSON. *walks by*
DOG. *runs along fenceline* "Grrr! Arf!"
HINES. "CIGARETTE. You know better."
DOG. "Grrr."
HINES. "Are you actually growling under your breath while you run along the fence line?"
DOG. "Grrr. Arf. *goes through dog door into the house to sulk*
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