David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

kids are hard to scare

I stayed with some friends of the family on my way back from Ma's, and when their kids and I were looking for something to do, I suggested showing them an episode of DOCTOR WHO. They'd never seen it before. (The topic had come up in conversation when they asked me about the scariest movies and TV shows I'd seen, and "Blink" naturally had to be mentioned.) I figured I'd show them "Rose," but I turned out not to have that episode on the laptop or the externals.

I did, however, have "Blink."

They were not scared in the slightest.

Both girls, ages thirteen and eleven.

...I'm going to have to show them "The Empty Child." Though I am alarmed at the prospect of what will happen when adolescent hormones behold Captain Jack Harkness.
Tags: life

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