David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "sunny day, chasing the clouds away"

If you've never seen Palestinian children's television, it's really rather terrifying.

Tomorrow will come. And we're pioneers.
Like Farfour the Mouse, whose fate was severe:
the Jew cut him down with a blow and a sneer
when he guarded the key to his Jew-stolen house --
Let me grow up just like Farfour the Mouse.

Nahoul the Bee came to show us the way
we'll clear the Jews' filth from Al-Aqsa one day.
But he needed a doctor in Egypt, they say.
So he died. Couldn't go, by the Jews' cruel decree --
Let me grow up just like Nahoul the Bee.

The rabbit Assud from Lebanon came
to free our homeland and fight in our name
the Jews struck him down, but he fought just the same.
Fierce like a lion, he vowed he'd eat the Jews:
Let me grow up like the rabbit Assud.

Nassur is a bear, and he's come here to fight,
perhaps from Iran. And he'll show us his might,
when he turns on the Jews, and puts rockets to flight.
He'll fight the Jihad, of that he is sure.
Let me grow up like that strong bear, Nassur.

Let me grow up. For I know what I'll be.
A martyr, like Farfour. And Nahoul the Bee.
Assud, that brave rabbit, will be proud of me.
I'll be fierce as a bear: I will fight like Nassur.
Let me grow up. But not too much more.
Tags: a poem every day

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