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David Hines [userpic]

Watching the stars

August 1st, 2004 (07:44 pm)

A couple of notes on "Fathers and Daughters:" there is not nearly enough Jim Gordon fanfic out there. I've posted my thoughts before on why that is; but I don't think the restrictions that Jim's lack of membership in the inner circle of the Family make him less interesting, or any less a good focus for a story. One of the ways I come up with fanfic stories is to look at various characters and ask myself what they have in common, or what they'd like to, or what they'd hate to. Figure out how to use those issues in a dramatic situation, and you've got a story. In this case, it's Batgirls' paternal relationships; the Jim-Babs bond is one of the great strengths of the Batbooks, while the relationship of David and Cassandra Cain is abusive, horrifying, and quite rightly beyond repair. Even though Cain really appears to love his daughter, in a very, very twisted way, and some very few of her memories of him are good -- as Babs correctly notes, there's a point at which none of that matters any more, and Cain passed that point long before he used Cass to commit a murder. But those feelings can still inform the characters' emotions.

I used one of Cass's canonical good memories (from Batgirl #22) in the story.

I wonder if Cain thinks about that moment, too.


Posted by: superheroes failing at oatmeal (some_stars)
Posted at: August 1st, 2004 05:36 pm (UTC)
the sappy icon

That's one of my favorite pages in NML, and I can never look away from it. Little tiny Cass all curled up and just...*sigh* The scenes with her and Cain are always so well-done and so heartbreaking.

Posted by: paula (paulasj)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2004 11:23 am (UTC)

Ok, haven't read the fic yet so you will probably get another post with my thoughts on it. Just wanted to say what a great idea. Jim is left out a lot in fics (never the center of the story). I would love to see a paternal fic with Bruce and Leslie. Especially something set after Bruce Wayne Murderer series. She didn't seem to doubt his guilt which is interesting. Any thoughts?

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