David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "either way"

I'll write you a poem so it's short and it's sweet,
I'll sing you a song that's quick and complete,
I'll tell you a tale that you're sure to repeat,
even after I've long gone away.
If it's flesh that you long for, I'll serve up the meat,
And if your heart's cold, then I'll bring up the heat
And it's not a win, and it's not a defeat,
for I wouldn't lead you astray.

And you'll think of this always and look back to now,
and the ways that my gaze displays every vow,
and the words you'll find later, when time will allow,
for you just can't find them today.

But perchance I'll stammer, forget what I planned,
the poems and the songs and the tales oh so grand,
for a wind stirs my mind, so they'll scatter like sand,
and then they'll just all blow away.
So if you could, smile, and then take up my hand,
and lead me along to the floor and the band,
and I'll follow your lead, and I'll take your command,
if that wouldn't be too cliche.

And we'll dance for a while to the song, me and you,
like we will when we're old, like we will now we're new,
like we will with the vows that we'll take and renew --
it'll work out just fine either way.
Yes, you'll know that I'm yours, and I'll know that you're mine
and once we know that, it'll work out just fine,
It'll work out just fine, it'll work out just fine,
it'll work out just fine either way.
Tags: a poem every day

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