David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

so, I caught MERLIN

Or at least part of it, and I have to say, um. Well, I can see why the slash fans leapt aboard it with cries of delight, but it is pretty much exactly the opposite of everything that appeals to me.

I definitely am developing a serious aversion to young'n'pretty. I don't mind reasonably attractive actors, but good God, does everybody have to look like a model? Give me some faces with character for a change. Or older people who aren't Botoxed into oblivion. Hell, at this point I'm starting to wish somebody would make an action movie with Linda Hunt and Kathy Bates.

(They're retiring cops who worked behind desks their entire careers, and they've seen the opportunities for women change drastically over the years but the change only really got started when they were too advanced in their career tracks to benefit. Now, as they're retiring, they see the young women coming in getting all manner of cool, exciting action-packed assignments and wish they could've done that. As a last hurrah, they talk one of the young action chicks into letting them have a ride-along, and ACTION ENSUES.)
Tags: tv

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