David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

no, there is not a pirate hunting cruise

I've seen the Somali pirate safari story all over the place (the story: there is a Russian cruise line that will, for five grand plus an additional sum for weapon rental, take you through Somali waters so you can shoot at pirates), so I figure it's my obligation to step up and point out that it is complete and utter bullshit.

Every single article ever is quoting one Austrian paper I'd never heard of. I went to their website, and the article about it (apparently the second such article) leads off with a boast of having gotten 100,000 hits. Eventually, they mention this: "Denn erstens ist noch immer nicht geklärt, ob die russische Piratenjagd nur eine Satire oder bittere Realität ist . . ."

Translation: "It isn't clear if the Russian pirate cruise is a satire or harsh reality."

(Two things set off my bullshit detector. One: gun laws in Russia are *insane.* No way a Russian company could pull this off. Two: not a single article about this mentioned the name of this supposed nihilistic cruise line. I mean, if it's a company that people can book passage with, it's got to have a name, right? Or a CEO, who's good for some flamboyant and horrifying quotes? Any journalist would kill to interview the guy who runs that business. And yet, no company, no boss... nothing... aha! bullshit!)
Tags: news, wtf

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