David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

request for aid!

OK. You have an assignment!

I have a young friend (one of three daughters of my former first grade teacher) who has just turned 14. Her mom mentioned a while back it'd be nice if they could get Jenny a little laptop of her own. Yesterday, I just belatedly realized that I could do that. About a year ago I bought an Asus eeePC netbook for use as a con computer. It worked admirably, but I've got my Kindle now, and it can do pretty much everything that I needed the Asus for -- and the Kindle fits in my jacket pocket. So the Asus has mostly been gathering dust, except for the times I've loaned it out to friends as an emergency replacement while theirs was in the shop. I figure I'm not using it, so I talked to her mom and she said it'd be wonderful if I passed it along as a hand-me-down. I just got a long-overdue paycheck, so I'm thinking while I'm at it I'll spring for a wireless router, which they don't currently have, to prevent squabbling over the connection and preserve family harmony. All told, I think this is a pretty awesome birthday present.

I'll be going up their way in a couple of weeks, so I have a little time to delete the pr0n get it ready, and then I realized: I AM ABOUT TO SET A FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL LOOSE ON THE INTERNET.

So! I request advice.

I want to preload some useful bookmarks. She doubtless has her own websites of interest, but what websites would a fourteen-year-old girl find useful and fun that she may not already know about?

I avoid Harry Potter fandom like the plague, but she loves Harry Potter. What are some good Harry Potter fansites? WITHOUT PORN, PLEASE. Fic, art, stories, reference works are all good and useful things, too.

The machine runs Linux. What is a good book on Linux that a 14-year-old would find relatively accessible? The Dummies series, or O'Reilly, or is there something better?

Other suggestions welcome.
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