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all-female superteams

So Marvel's got MARVEL DIVAS and DC's got DC SIRENS or something, apparently. I haven't been paying attention to it, but neither of them seem to be pleasing my flist. The only one I've glanced through is MARVEL DIVAS, which is kind of tooth-grating in that there are a couple of glimmers where you say, "Oh, hey, I see how this could be a half-decent comic, if they only changed pretty much everything about it." DIVAS is a laughably transparent SEX AND THE CITY rip, and Marvel apparently thought this would appeal to the female reader. I won't deny that a lot of women apparently really like SEX AND THE CITY, but the flaw is that *the vast majority of these women do not read comics or find themselves in circumstances where they might buy one.* So, of course, Marvel's doing promotion that reaches outside traditional comic avenues for this untapped audience, right? ...


Yeah. So this makes no sense. The people who would like this don't even know it exists, and the women in comic book fandom are going to find it annoying as hell. I really wish that Marvel would just pick up that bit from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN SUMMER SPECIAL with MJ, Clea, Scarlet Witch, Millie the Model, Hellcat, Marvel Girl, and She-Hulk taking on the Enchantress. Oh, well.

So, a question: who's on your all-female comic book team? I think for DC I'd go with Power Girl, Mary Marvel, Empress, and Onyx. Mary Marvel and Empress both having magic-based powers might be a little bit eh, but I think it could work. And I liked Onyx's appearances in the Batbooks; it'd be fun seeing her as the only non-super person on a superpowered team. Maybe they could recruit Spoiler, too; get her out of the Batbooks for a while and be her own character.

Or go the other way, and have the superpowered person be the odd one out. Okay, maybe I'm crazy, but listen to this line-up: Manhunter, Mary Marvel, Onyx. Two cynical-as-hell normal people and one peppy, optimistic super. Bonus points if they all have to live together, and Onyx has to put up with Mary being chirpy at disgustingly early hours while Onyx fumbles for the coffeemaker.

Marvel, I'd go the other way. Have a team of A-list superheroines... who don't fight crime. They act as mentors and advisers for young, up-and-coming superheroines, who do. Or decide they're not cut out for it. Basically, a coffee-club organization to give advice to girls developing superpowers. The focus is on the kids, who form and dissolve various efforts at superteams, but the big heroines make guiding appearances. (To me, this organization is something that the Invisible Woman would head up.)
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