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up at Ma's

Up at Ma's; her birthday is coming. Notable events of visit so far:


-- Saturday night, my birthday present: went to see Stacy Keach do KING LEAR. Fabulous performance by Keach, of course, terrific staging, excellent modernization (it's got a strong Eastern European vibe, with at least one character's wardrobe coming straight out of Russian mob chic), and a wonderful supporting cast.

The best Shakespeare I've ever seen remains Keach's RICHARD III. Saw it in the old Folger theater, maybe fourth row. That was 19 years ago, and my mother and I still talk about it. How good was Keach? Lemme put it this way: I saw Ian McKellan do his 1930s Richard III onstage. Keach was better. BY A LOT.

-- Sunday night, discovered that a local theater was showing a 70mm print of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, which is possibly my favorite movie of all time. I had missed seeing the restoration when it was originally done, so had been kicking myself for years. I hastened to the theater, and PROBLEM SOLVED. Holy crap is that amazing on the big screen. There's so much detail, so much color, so much glorious photography that you don't know where to look as you're desperately trying to see everything you've been missing. (I discovered, for example, that when Lawrence uses his pistol as a makeshift gavel in the Arab National Congress meeting, the lanyard ring leaves little depressions in the wood.) Peter O'Toole's eyes are astounding on the big screen, and Omar Sharif's profile has to be seen to be believed.

-- Yesterday, took the dogs on a walk. We went about four and a half, five miles. Saw an insane number of deer, which the dogs were disappointed that they weren't allowed to chase. The walk did the dogs good; they slept the rest of the afternoon.
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