David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "memory"

I like the idea in this one, but the execution could be better. Downside of doing one a day, I suppose.

remember back. the early things.
the things that you don't quite recall --
you're thinking faint rememberings.
but, no. i don't mean that at all --
i recall cherry tomatoes,
at a wedding, both my first,
like my new suit, plaid and later
stained when the tomato burst.
my great-grandfather, zeyde zeyde --
I don't recall a thing he said
but hear his voice now, strong, unfaded,
as I played by his wheelchair, instead.
they're only moments, but they're crystal.
solid, locked, and strong but still
remembered only as an instant,
the rest was lost, as all things will.
we're young. perhaps we'll live forever.
i wonder, then, if, long from now,
i'll know you as an instant, never
knowing what we had, or how,
or if perchance we're still together,
would we remember how we met?
would our love drift, and come untethered?
or are there things we can't forget?
i wonder who else i've forgotten
who and what i used to love --
neurons fallow, misbegotten --
best, I think, to not think of.
Tags: a poem every day

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