David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

the dog continues to amuse

DOG. *limps*
VET. "She doesn't get upset when we move the limb around. Nothing on the X-ray -- no breaks, dislocations, bone spurs. So it's probably a small injury she occasionally aggravates, or a mild inflammation. Have her take it easy. Especially today, because we had to sedate her to get all the angles."
DOG. *is groggy*
HINES. "Okay, honey, ready to go home?"
DOG. "Boss... I missed... the morning walk."
HINES. "Yeah, no kidding. Look, honey, we're back!"
DOG. *falls over*
HINES. *pets dog*
DOG. *staggers to feet*
DOG. *staggers toward door* "Waaaaalk. Le's go. Waaaalk."
HINES. "Honey, you can't go for a walk now. You can barely stand."
DOG. "I... still... function..."
MA. "Well, I have to get the neighbor's mail. She can come with me for that."
DOG. "See... boss... I'm... walking..."
HINES. "You can barely keep up with a woman who's just shy of seventy."
DOG. "I'm... walking... look... Boss... I'm... "
DOG. *staggers back into house, falls over*
Tags: critters

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