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I was going to post a crappy render for you guys, but Photobucket is having issues. Just as well.

D&D went well last night. A highlight: we were fighting two different types of monsters, one type numerous and one type solo and nasty. The numerous types (straken, I think; I wasn't familiar with the monster beforehand) had a sonic weapon, which they turned on us. One of them hit the nasty (a hook horror), causing him to (the GM rolled) attack the straken, which he dispatched in one exchange. On noting this, our magic guy brilliantly cast Bigby's Grasping Hand and started chucking the hook horror into the straken deliberately. The dice were in our favor.

I think I got the best line of the night, though: while going through a Mines-of-Moria-ish underground highway we encountered a lightly-injured donkey, less a rider. We patched up the donkey and followed the trail to discover the rider being held by troglodytes planning on sacrificing him. Upon our rescuing him, my character helpfully informed him that we had saved his ass.

The downside: we completely blew a skill challenge that would have cured us of dimensionally-inflicted compulsive disorders (long story). So now when combat starts we have to roll a saving throw to see if we fall prey to our disorders or not. I usually fail my saving throw. This is not so much a problem, as my character's disorder is exhibitionism, so I only incur a relatively modest -2 AC penalty; the only trouble is that I am running out of D&D euphemisms for "penis." ("Ye shall know fear, foul creatures! For now I show you my REAL warhammer!")
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