David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Disney/Marvel miniseries: it must happen.

Disney bought Marvel Comics! On Twitter (#disneymarvel) everybody is goofing around on the possibilities for what this means. Here is my pitch for the Disney/Marvel miniseries:

Uncle Scrooge buys the Marvel Universe. This is utterly staggering for all concerned. Donald can't believe that even *Scrooge* can buy a *universe,* J. Jonah Jameson is howling that there's no way the universe he lives in can be sold to some duck, and the Marvel Universe super-villains are extraordinarily put out. They've been trying to conquer the universe for so long that they're appalled to find out that some rich dilettante just up and bought it for cash.

The Daily Bugle sends a team over to the Disney Universe to interview Scrooge. Jonah insists on going along, and he and Scrooge wind up in a screaming argument that nearly escalates to a Disney-style fistfight. Jonah winds up in jail next to the Beagle Boys, who are astonished to learn from him what resources the bad guys in his universe can bring to bear.

After a jailbreak involving them, Jonah, and some other Disney villains (Ursula and Cruella DeVille flirt brazenly with Jonah, now their hostage, throughout), and a quick stop in the evidence room for some of their universe's more nefarious items (e.g., the oil lamp containing the now-genied Jafar), the Beagle Boys make their way to the Marvel Universe, where their arrival is noted by none other than Dr. Doom. After a brief summit, Doom is alternately impressed (Ursula) and appalled (the Beagle Boys) by the caliber of villainy the Disney Universe has to offer. He rounds up a number of other Marvel villains, and proposes the revisitation of an old idea: ACTS OF VENGEANCE, the supervillain gift swap in which everybody attacks each others' archenemies. And what a line-up!

Cruella DeVille vs. She-Hulk (a legal thriller!)
Ursula vs. Namor!
The Beagle Boys vs. Spider-Man!
Jafar vs. Dr. Strange!
and more!

And meanwhile, while the major powers of the Disney Universe are occupied -- because Mickey, Donald, et al. head over to the Marvels to try to put a stop to the goings-on over there -- Dr. Doom seizes the clear field left by the Disney villains who're battling the heroes of the Marvel Universe and makes a play to seize the Disneyverse for his own. This means, of course, he must fight the person who is obviously the central figure of the Disneyverse. Obviously to *Doom,* anyway.

Uncle Scrooge vs. Doctor Doom.

You KNOW you want to see it.

(Hmm. Maybe Ursula should hook up with Galactus.)
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