David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

ART: "undaunted"

Hey, Photobucket is working for me again! Fortunately, this weekend I produced a render that does not entirely suck, so here you go.

look out! skellies!!

Resources credited in the image, titles added in Photoshop, no other post work, as I've seen folks say on the 3d art forums. Every culture has its own etiquette! (Although I suspect at least half the reason folks give credit isn't just to say "thanks" to the folks who made the model/texture/resource but so other artists can fill out their shopping lists. Seriously, I tell you, it's like playing with dolls.) Usually you credit resources and tools in the text of your announcement, rather than the actual image, but I thought this would be neat.

Constructive criticism is welcome. I didn't do any post work in Photoshop because I'm trying to learn DAZ Studio and figure out its and my (mostly my) shortcomings. Some things are a little puzzling. I have no idea where that blue bleed-through in the lower left came from, for instance, and while the overhead light came off very well on the skeletons it turned my warrior *surprisingly* red in the final render. Maybe it's because she's dark-skinned, and the skeletons have a clean "anatomical specimen" texture? Lighting is the trickiest thing about this so far. I am totally faking it. Gonna post this in a 3D art comm or two, see what they say.
Tags: art

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