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the more you know

I was reading about some new vampire show on the CW on aintitcoolnews, and the guy posting about it mentioned in passing that he knew there were tons of male vampire/human female pairings in film and TV, but he couldn't remember but one that went the other way around except for NEAR DARK. (Although LET THE RIGHT ONE IN sort of counts.) Made me remember reading Angela Sommer-Bodenburg's "Little Vampire" books when I was a kid: the (human) hero had a mutual attraction to his (vampire) best friend's sister, who was also a vampire. IIRC, she got vamped around his age, which was eleven or twelve or so, which would make things *increasingly alarming* if they ever paired up down the road.

Anyway, I wondered how many books in the series there wound up being, so checked the author's website. Turns out there were five published in the states.

Out of a total of *twenty.* The most recent was last year.

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