David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "remember"

I had a hard time writing a poem for this day. First off, John M. Ford already said everything that needed to be said. But I did feel a certain obligation.

There are two foreign responses to 9/11 I will never forgot. One was the Iranian citizens' response, which was very human, and very moving, the more so for being so unexpected given the long animosity between our nations. The other... was less so.

Eight years on, and still recalling
men and women, in the streets,
voices thinly, vainly calling
for lost ones they'll never meet,
the ashes, drifting; papers falling
like the bodies to the street.

I worried for the lost. And loved ones.
The future, and what it would hold.
The blood, in rivers, sure to run --
the blood that had, and clotted, cold.
Felt hate for what the men had done,
with funds from oil their patrons sold.

We look within, and always question,
when we armor, lift the lance;
it's not always the wrong impression
to see yourself like that, askance.
But don't forget, at that aggression,
some stepped into their streets -- and danced.
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