David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "the soulcatcher"

Don't stay in the bath, now, not while it drains,
or else you'll wind up with all manner of pains,
for as it spirals down to the pipes from that hole,
the water takes with it a piece of your soul,
and he's waiting below to collect them, you see --
I know that he is, because once he got me.

The soulcatcher lives in a sewer that's dark,
and the only way in is the drain in the park,
and inside it's a maze, and inside there are rats,
and you'll know the soulcatcher by his soulcatcher's hat
from which dangle strings, from which dangle souls,
and he'll smile at you sweetly, there, down in his hole.

Don't ask for your soul. You have to demand.
He'll only give up what you force from his hand --
but that's when he'll speak, in his thin rasping voice,
and he'll hold out his souls, and he'll give you your choice.
He's been there for ages. And so he's got scores.
So when you pick the soul, make sure you take yours.

Or else there's a thin voice that cries in your ear,
and whispers, at night, one that only you hear --
a voice that suggests lots of things you can do.
Some souls are nice. Some are rotten clean through.
And you might pick a bad one. They all look the same
unless you look close -- that's how he wins the game.

Get out of the tub now, so I can get in.
My only choice is to try it again:
I'll get in the tub, and let the drain flow,
yes, this is crazy, don't tell me, I know --
water spirals away, goes down till it's done --
and so will a piece of my soul -- but which one?
Tags: a poem every day

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