David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "manifesto"

Some folks like parties and hullabaloo,
and chatter and cocktails galore,
and gossip and gabble and blabber and jabber --
for my life, I can't see what for.
Give me a cabin to stay
that's way out away,
with some books that I like on the shelf,
and I'll leave all that scene
way back where I've been,
for I'm happiest all by myself.

Put me in a room at a great big to-do;
I'll find a small corner alone.
What fun they're all having! They're dancing and laughing,
while I wish that I was at home.
I dream of a place
where there's no human race
I could flounce to, or sneak to in stealth:
I won't moan and groan
If you'll leave me alone
for I'm happiest all by myself.

Bring on the zombies, and bring down the world,
as long as I've bacon and beer,
and bring on the flood and the plague, I'll be fine
in a cabin I've built way out here.
You keep your pop stars,
and posh clubs and hip bars,
and your speakeasies crowded with swells --
and yes, I do fear
that I'll miss you, my dear,
but I'm happiest all by myself.
Tags: a poem every day

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