David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

oh dear

Seen in batfic, a strangely adorable fic seach request:

Searching for fic... feel kind of ashamed asking this, but um... does anyone out there know of any Jason Todd hookerfic?

You know... Bruce picks him up as a streetwise rent boy, that kind of thing?

If it doesn't exist I might have to make it so it does.

...y'know, that kind of fic is not and has never been my thing, but I seem to vaguely recall there may have been FIVE OR SIX MILLION STORIES ABOUT THAT. I love this query so much for some reason; I think it's the degree of sheer innocence in the hesitancy and shame, like a blushing guy asking Oscar Wilde if holding hands with other chaps is really all that sinful. Some of y'all go help a fangirl out, huh?
Tags: fandom
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