David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
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addendum to previous post

...and the third most dangerous place on earth? My office! Well, the neighborhood around it, anyway. We have to be staffed 24-7, and I'm on the four-to-midnight shift this week. We're in a rough neighborhood, so I've been told not to worry if I hear gunfire. Most of it is celebratory; it's not often anybody actually gets shot in our 'hood.

I actually have a carry permit, but I have to get authorization before exercising it during work hours. I'm giving it serious thought. Which means, of course, that once I get paid I'll have an excuse to look at a new gun, which I really wanted to do anyway. *sigh* That's the saddest thing about gun-geekery: it's not just that you want something; it's that it seems so *logical* to spend money on it...

The city intranet has a very cool GIS tool that's tied into crime statistics, and I spent some time familiarizing myself with it. My apartment's neighborhood is much less violent than my office's (and has fewer property crimes), but had two indecent exposures in the last six months of last year to office area's one. Interesting.
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