David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "the gangsta gondoliers"

You might imagine gondoliers
along the Grand Canal,
singing songs of love and war
old songs forgotten now.
But that was all quite long ago; 
now gondoliers don't sing:
or hum or whistle, either, dear. 
Gangsta rap's their thing.

They're the hardest of the hard,
The gangsta gondoliers,
The organ grinders raise a front,
But they know whom they fear.
The long shapes fill their hearts with dread
Whene'er they draw up near
The gondolas with spinning rims,
The gangsta gondoliers.

Eazy Enzio, MC Santone:
their blood runs red and cold!
Their pants are low, their hats reversed 
and they all have long firm poles.
So forget romantic notions
that you might have once held dear:
and when you go to Venice,
'ware the gangsta gondoliers!
Tags: a poem every day

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