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David Hines [userpic]

APED: "mr fuzzy"

October 27th, 2009 (10:16 pm)

Mr. Fuzzy's very furry,
Mr. Fuzzy's very red,
Mr. Fuzzy's very good at
curling up to you in bed.

Mr. Fuzzy's grin is cheerful,
Mr. Fuzzy says few words,
Mr. Fuzzy always listens,
though you can't tell if he's heard.

Mr. Fuzzy is a marvel,
Mr. Fuzzy's that and more,
Mr. Fuzzy's rife with glories
but the best bit is: he's yours.


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: October 28th, 2009 05:55 am (UTC)

OOOoooooOOOOOO! Where do I find a Mr. Fuzzzy? I want one!!! (or two; one for back-up)

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