David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

APED: "surprises"

The Nile crocodile has the loveliest smile,
but also the cruelest of teeth;
the bear is prepared, his fur's soft, yes, but there
are sharp claws kept well-hidden beneath.
The quietest man, one who's meek, always ran,
can be fierce when he's pushed to the wall --
so you listen to me: don't go by what you see.
Surprises are not nice at all.

The man with the van selling treats on the street
has five bodies under his home,
the sweet little girl with the sweet little curl
leaves her dogs in the dark all alone.
The little old lady puts arsenic gaily
in her Halloween treats every fall:
prunes her family tree -- there are two. There were three.
Surprises are not nice at all.

The lovely and fair leaves her loves in despair
for her cold heart beats cruel, underneath;
the gentlest of men writes in blood with his pen
to still monsters that might slip their leash;
the sweetest of souls has thoughts dark and cold,
to make its owner ashamed and appalled,
and some prose writers (me) attempt poetry --
surprises are not nice at all.
Tags: a poem every day

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