David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

AOOO, werewolves of fandom

Taking a break from AOOO uploading. I am so glad that I am not prolific. I pity some of you more than I can ever say. Importer: *awesome* idea.

I will be making feedback as I get closer to done, but for now here are just some quick notes and such:

  • There really needs to be a way to change pseudonym on multiple stories at once, because some people might be silly enough to upload multiple fics at once before they've figured out how to put the right pseud on and then wind up having to fix that on each of 'em individually. I, er, can't *imagine* who might be so silly, he said, glancing around to make sure everyone believed him, but I'm sure there is someone.

  • For whatever reason, the rating and warning fields do not properly display on the first preview. I either have to preview again or just click update to make them show up. Very mysterious.

  • A story imported from an LJ post got truncated mid-sentence by an em-dash.

  • Starfire's name was not capitalized on my establishing of it; now it is lower-case no matter how I try to fix it. Calling tag wrangler!

  • Yuletide stories import weirdly. They have the comment links at bottom, which is cool, but also the stuff at the top, which does not work and has to be weeded out.

  • Am I the only person who will be putting the original release dates or approximations thereof onto all my stories? Just thinking, it'd be cool as hell to be able to graph fandom size by year.
  • AOOO stories having Yuletide tags will make it real tough to close the Yuletide archive in future.

The most interesting part of the whole thing, to me, was finding out what fandoms and characters *had not been tagged yet.* To my knowledge, I was the first person to make the following notable character and pairing tags on AOOO, and I am noting this because it is funny as hell that yours truly would be that person: first Tim/Cass pairing tag (in fact, first pairing tag of Tim Drake with *anyone*), first Cassandra Cain character tag, first KON-EL character tag (I can't freakin' believe that one), first Flash and Wonder Woman character tags, FIRST SEX POLLEN TAG WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE UNIVERSE, first Transformers fic.

Seriously, guys, c'mon, how the hell did I beat out everybody else on "sex pollen?" THIS IS ME WE'RE TALKING ABOUT. And I can't believe that Tim/Kon fics didn't stuff the site to the gills during closed beta.
Tags: aooo, fandom

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