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potential 2010 Yuletide fandoms

I'm pleased with how my story is coming along for Yuletide, so I'm taking a little break. I'm leaving this post here and tagging it "Yuletide" so I can refer to it when I'm thinking of Yuletide fandoms for next year.

-- ROBOCOP. I meant to nominate it this year and forgot. I think Technician #1 would be a great subject for ROBOCOP fanfic -- she's the eyeglassed woman who keeps Robocop's systems running, and though she's a very small part in the movie she's got a really fun vibe. (She even kisses Robo on New Year's Eve, before he comes fully online.)

-- THE BLOOD OF HEROES. Post-apocalyptic bloodsport, with Joan Chen and Rutger Hauer (and Delroy Lindo, and Vincent Donofrio) beating the shit out of people. Of course I love this movie. I would have totally watched a sequel, and so I guess I'd love post-movie fic about Joan Chen's character, Kidda, kicking ass in a professional jugging league and dealing with the machinations of the evil Lord Vile. Yes. The bad guy is actually named "Lord Vile."

-- Cassius Coolidge, "Dogs Playing Poker" series of paintings. Yes, I am totally serious. I might actually write this one myself as an original, if I can figure out where my vague ideas are going.

-- JEFF REGAN, INVESTIGATOR. This was a great little radio show that met its demise when Jack Webb left to do DRAGNET. I love DRAGNET, but JEFF REGAN is one of the greatest series ideas for a PI show I've ever heard. Regan is a private investigator for a firm run by Anthony J. Lyon, a merciless, selfish, money-grubbing bastard who pays Regan poorly and treats him worse; Regan hangs in there because he needs the job. I love this show for two reasons: 1) it has the most glorious similes ever ("I felt like a test-pilot in a yo-yo factory. Then the string broke.") 2) Regan and Lyon absolutely *loathe* each other, and their relationship is filled with dominance games and barely-suppressed hatred. If it were a contemporary fandom, I expect it would have a ton of slash fic, pretty much all of it non-con or dubcon. It's a *really* nasty relationship. If I asked for it for Yuletide, I'd probably want one about what happens when Jeff Regan finally snaps.

-- THE MALTESE FALCON. I love the book, and mentioned recently that Wilmer is the the character I most feel for in the film; I'd really like a fic that involves Wilmer and Spade -- not a slash fic, but one that involves Spade becoming a bizarre mentor for Wilmer. The gimmick would be that Wilmer keeps trying to be this hard-ass Man-with-a-capital-M, but he's absolutely no good at it, so Spade helps Wilmer figure out what kind of man Wilmer is, and can be. Either post-original, or an AU where everybody goes off to Istanbul to find the black bird.

Notes for next year!

ETA: the world of Charles Bronson, as seen in Japanese commercials for Mandom body powder/cologne.
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