David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

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Out of nowhere today, I was bit by a Greek myth AU idea: Perseus, instead of cutting Medusa's head off so he can use her power to fight the Kraken, just asks for her help. And she does. And then Medusa's a hero of the city and Andromeda asks Medusa to stay, and they fight crime there is intrigue, because in ancient warfare Medusa is basically the equivalent of a tactical nuclear weapon, and rival cities fearful of her power will try to suborn her, neutralize her -- or cut her head off so they can have her power for their own. I think I will work on this as a comic book story.

Sample dialogue:

PERSEUS. "So, um, your sisters -- their hair looks --"
MEDUSA. "Beautiful?"
PERSEUS. "I was going to say 'normal.'"
PERSEUS. "So, what's the --"
MEDUSA. "Ever make love in a temple of Athena?"
PERSEUS. *puzzled* "...no..."
MEDUSA. "Don't."
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