David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

That old Olympic spirit

Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis has been awarded the Olympiart prize by the international Olympic committee:
In his tribute, the Chairman of the Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, Zhenliang He, presented Mikis Theodorakis as a man who symbolises the spirit of the country of origin of the Olympic Games, as a man of peace who has never ceased to fight for freedom, and as a man of culture who has brought Greek music to the stage of the entire world for four decades.

Mikis Theodorakis is unquestionably an accomplished man of culture.

He is also a Jew-hating loon.

On November 4, 2003, at the party for the release of his autobiography, Theodorakis -- flanked by the beaming Greek ministers of Culture and Education -- announced that the Jews "are at the root of evil." He recently attempted to clarify his position in an extended interview with the Israeli paper Ha'aretz, and it's very disturbing to read: Theodorakis starts out sounding like a typical European leftist, but rapidly descends into horrifying insanity.

"The Jews offered so much to science, art and music. They hold world finance in their hands. So it's only natural that they would see themselves as very strong. This gives them a feeling of superiority."

The Jews have international finance in their hands?

"They control a great deal of the world's finances."

So today's globalized capitalism is controlled very much by the Jews?

"Since we speak frankly, I will tell you something else. The Jewish people control most of the big symphonic orchestras in the world. When I wrote the Palestinian national anthem, the Boston Symphony was planning a production of my work. It is controlled by Jewish people. They didn't allow the concert to go on. Since then I cannot work with any great orchestra. They refuse me."

You ran into this problem with other orchestras too?

"Wherever there are Jews. Wherever there are orchestras controlled by Jewish people, they boycott my work."

You really feel Jews control much of the music world?


And the same applies to world finance?

"In America the Jewish community is very strong. It controls much of the economy. Certainly the mass media.

"Let me make myself clear: When the State of Israel was established, we were on the side of Israel. There was great sympathy toward Zionism because of what they suffered in the war. This is one side of the Jews. But the international Jewish community is also a negative phenomena. The Jewish people now appear to control the big banks. And often the governments. So whatever bad or evil comes from the governments, it's natural for ordinary people to associate that with the Jewish people."

You yourself think that the Jews, the international Jewish community, have control of the banks, Wall Street, the mass media?


And you say that now, through its influence on Bush, it has control of world affairs?


What is the Jewish influence on the Bush policy?

"I believe that the war in Iraq and the aggressive attitude toward Iran is greatly influenced by the Israeli secret services."

The Jews have so much power that they can direct the policy of the world's only superpower?

"There is a group of Jews who surround Bush and control the policy of the United States."

So the Jews pull the strings behind Bush?

"No. They are in the front."

America, the great superpower, is actually controlled today by the Jews?


This is the man whom the IOC delights to honor. Let me repeat this, just in case anybody else has trouble wrapping their brain around it -- this lunatic is being honored by the goddamn Olympics.

And nobody, apparently, seems to find anything wrong with that.

If you aren't scared by this, you should be.

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