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David Hines [userpic]

DW: "The End of Time, Part II" and next season preview (SPOILERS)

January 3rd, 2010 (05:13 pm)

Part II was better than Part I, but that isn't hard. Davies has always been quite good with handling the emotionality of unbelievable situtations, and it's a tribute to his skill that he does wring some good moments out of the stupidest evil plot ever in the history of the Master's entire career, and possibly the universe. That said, it is still the stupidest evil plot ever, and Davies exercises his worst trait, which is inevitably the worst trait of every writer: self-indulgence. Ten has the longest regeneration in history -- he says, "It's started," but then he goes off and sees everybody ever: Rose, and Mickey, and Martha, and Wilf and (from a distance) Donna, and Captain Jack and Midshipman Frame, and I'm left thinking, "Wait, he *is* regenerating, right? Because he's got a hell of a lot of time to take a victory lap." I understand that Davies wanted to close the book on the spin-offs, so Moffatt wouldn't feel required to revisit them, but Davies did that already in his last full season finale, so why does he need to do it again here?

Anyway, I didn't get wibbly -- I felt the writer's hand too heavily -- but Tennant's performance was really terrific, particularly his plainitive cry, before he does what he knows he must do, that he could do so much more, it isn't fair! and his farewell line, which was very nicely played. I am a bit disappointed that the regeneration effect was exactly the same as the Nine/Ten regeneration -- one of the fun parts of the previous series was the fact that the regenerations were *different,* and I hope when Matt Smith decides to move on that Stephen Moffatt decides to bring that back. He's reportedly going to put the Doctor's face in the credits again, so there's hoping. And, of course, we'll get a new Tardis console room, so that'll be neat. Though I do sadly note that, based on the preview, the Doctor will still be snogging away. I feel like Fred Savage in THE PRINCESS BRIDE: "Is this a kissing book?" I am heartily sick of shipping in all things and do not want it to keep infesting DOCTOR WHO, dammit.

Other things that bugged me: the Ood's bit about singing the Doctor to sleep -- RTD, we know this is a TV show; you do not need to make excuses for the incidental music. I have no idea who the woman in white was supposed to be, and am wondering if the bit with the her and the other "no" vote was originally supposed to be a Romana & Leela double cameo (a followup on the audio drama GALLIFREY) that just fell apart.

But Bernard Cribbens was magnificent, and I now have another chance to make a character-with-gun screencap for the Doctor. (New icon: .455 Webley -- Time Lord-Approved.) And, based on the preview trailer, I'll get to make one for Eleven, though I couldn't quite tell what he was firing in that one. A Glock? Looks too thin, but then, Matt Smith's mitts are the size of Christmas hams.


Posted by: PROBE UNIVERSE (liviapenn)
Posted at: January 11th, 2010 11:42 pm (UTC)

Just saw it last night-- I think maybe the woman in white was Susan? Because when Wilf asks, "Who was that," the Doctor looks at Wilf, and then over his shoulder at Donna-- so I took that as sort of a subtle way of saying "that was MY granddaughter" without saying it.

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