David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

still replying to Yuletide comments

...man, it's going way faster now that the archive isn't under massive load. "Skill Set" and "Sam in Casablanca" are done; "Killing Elvis" is almost done, so I just have "The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special" to go.

Had a nice walk with the dogs today. Took them up to a big natural area and let 'em run. They got a couple of good runs with the deer, first one right off the bat. Second one, Cigarette didn't see the deer until I repeatedly pointed them out. Boswell, Ma's dog, is ten -- still pretty spry for a ten-year-old standard poodle, but his eyes are dimming a bit, so he didn't see the deer in time. He stayed behind a while, but then came back to me. Cigarette kept up the chase, and the funniest bit was that more deer came out behind her, so she was chasing and being chased at the same time. Bos and I moved forward along the trail, figuring the deer would leave 'Retz in the dust and she'd make her way back to a point just ahead of us. This is what usually happens, and what did here, except on the way back she flushed a fox. So Boswell lit up and started running, and joined up with her, and they chased the fox back to its bolthole. Boswell was very pleased by this, but Cigarette refused to see the game was up and kept running in circles. Then we took a nice long loop around. We probably did two and a half or three miles all told. The dogs slept for much of the afternoon.
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