David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

just when you think that Yuletide is over

Hey, remember when I did that post about the Yuletide stories that got the most hits? Yeah. Something interesting happened: both BoingBoing and the official WAIT WAIT DON'T TELL ME blog both linked Nestra's WAIT WAIT zombie fanfic, "Wait Wait Don't Eat Me."

It goes to show you: no matter how big Yuletide is (and it is freakin' huge), there is no comparison to outside attention. The most-read stories in my previous post were those from AMERICAN IDOL fandom, and they had a hugely out-of-whack hit-to-comment ratio because most people reading were from oupenskayas (ie, not werewolves; they didn't have AOOO accounts so couldn't comment readily). "Wait Wait Don't Eat Me" wasn't up there. Today, it is the most-read story in Yuletide. It's not even close. It *literally* has twice as many hits as the #2 story. I don't know where it was before BoingBoing and WAIT WAIT linked, but 1500 or more hits gets your story on the penultimate and ultimate "most hits" lists. 2000 hits would be really good. As of this writing, "Wait Wait Don't Eat Me" has over *eleven thousand* hits. That outside exposure was probably worth between nine and ten thousand of them. It's not the only story discovered after the reveal, but it's probably the most extreme example of it.
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