David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

first post on new computer!

I am Excited. New machine is a MacBook Pro 13-inch, four gigs of RAM and a 500 Gb hard drive. This means I actually have space for pictures of Charlize Theron the 3d art stuff I keep working on. I should post some of that, shouldn't I? I will at some point.

I seem to get a new computer about every five years. This new acquisition does not seem like as much of a quantum jump as the previous -- yes, it runs a good bit quicker, yes, it's got an amount of hard drive space that would have seemed insane to me a few years ago, yes, it's got some useful bells and whistles, but it's not going from sloooooooooow to "Hi! I'm iTunes! Let me introduce myself to you." We'll see how the rendering procedures go on it.
Tags: life

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