David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

Identity Crisis questions

I was rereading issues 1-3 of "Identity Crisis," and noticed a couple of things...

At the end of issue one, Ray "The Atom" Palmer has a curious exchange with Zatanna:

THE ATOM. "Ralph doesn't know the rest, does he?"
ZATANNA. "No, but he was there for the end. He saw what happened."

My question: what's Ray talking about? We know Ralph knows about Sue's rape -- he was there when Light was stopped, and he narrates much of that section. Ralph took Sue to get medical attention, and wasn't there for the vote; did Ralph not know about the altering of Light's personality before Sue died? Or is there something else?

Next: in issue #3, when Dr. Light remembers the stealing of his mind, he flashes back to the scene with all the Leaguers piling onto him. The panel is an exact copy of the one in issue #2. Positions, placement, postures -- everything.

With one difference.

Batman's in it.

He wasn't there in the version we were told. Take a look: you can see out the window in #2, but in #3 Batman's in the thick of the scrum. That's... odd. It's not a mistake: the copying is too careful to be anything but deliberate.

Is Dr. Light misremembering? Or is something else going on?

I'm also wondering if Meltzer's sneaking up on us with something. Remember Ralph's narration at the beginning of the series. "Dr. Fate once told me, 'Life is a mystery.' But it isn't. Everyone knows how it ends. It's just a question of when. In a novel, it's different. There, you start worrying about the main character's safety almost immediately. Of course, it's a false worry. Nothing bad really ever happens to the main character in a novel. But if the story opens with a minor character or two -- "

Cut to Ralph and Firehawk, on stakeout.

What if Ralph's a minor characer in this story, after all?

Makes me wonder: who's Meltzer's main character?

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