David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

a quiet evening

Trivia: the GF is afraid of snakes. Like, Maury Povich afraid of snakes. This has given her a sometimes eerie level of snake-related clairvoyance. Tonight's installment:

US. *watching movie* (RETURN TO THE BLUE LAGOON, excellent for talking back to.)
GF. *suspicious* "Are there snakes in this movie?"
ME. "Dunno. Never seen it before--"

Seriously, the sense of timing is a little alarming. Also alarming: the screaming, flailing, and elbowing as she goes into full recoil. I chalk my bruising up to her great reflexes.

(RETURN TO THE BLUE LAGOON, summarized: "Brother and sister get married on their mother's grave, spend honeymoon wrestling in surf.")
Tags: life

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