David Hines (hradzka) wrote,
David Hines

just so you know

Tomorrow night's episode of SPARTACUS is called "Whore." No, it is not written by Frank Miller. (That I know of.) The logline: Batiatus starts pimping Spartacus out, and our hero's new career gets off with a bang when he is ordered to service the richest woman in Rome.


I mean, it is *exactly* like all those fanfic AUs where the male hero is forced into prostitution, except for the minor detail that THIS IS NOT A FANFIC AU BUT THE ACTUAL SHOW. I am starting to think the fanfic AUs of SPARTACUS will involve all the gladiators working very peacefully in a present-day office somewhere, or something. (Pietros is the intern who makes coffee for everybody! And he has a hot relationship with Mr. Barca, but then Mr. Barca gets downsized and Pietros is very sad and quits. And Mr. Batiatus takes a project away from Crixus and gives it to Spartacus, and Crixus is worries he's going to be fired, and basically it's like GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, but with slo-mo and orgy scenes in the break room or something.)
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