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Let me tell you about my evening, by which I mean, "let me cut-and-paste-and-edit some of my Tweets." This happened tonight while the GF and I were watching TV.

On Discovery Health, a married couple take something frozen in a baggie out of the freezer. It is a placenta. They're defrosting it.

A few minutes go by. They talk about family stuff, parenting styles, etc. ME. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING DEFROSTING A PLACENTA."

The mystery is revealed: they are going to use it to nourish a tree. They see this as an educational/spiritual thing for their kids. WHUT.

The girl whose placenta it was enters the kitchen as her dad is decanting the placenta from the baggie to a bowl. She looks about 10.

Repeat: *she looks about ten.* They have HAD HER PLACENTA IN THE FREEZER FOR TEN YEARS.

HIPPIE DAD. *enthusiastic* "This was your placenta! When you were born I cut this cord!" HIS DAUGHTER. "That's *disgusting.*" Tell 'im, hon.

They are determined to make this a Meaningful Thing for their children. Their children would rather be anywhere else on the planet.

I feel worst for the girl whose placenta it was. Her wee face! Never have I seen such mingling of terror, embarrassment, and DO NOT WANT.

The worst part was during the decanting. I am sorry I could not screencap the TV, but picture a lovely shot of the hippie dad decanting a freshly defrosted, blood-dripping placenta, and imagine it filmed in such a manner that his arm and the placenta frame the horrified, mortified face of a young girl who is experiencing precisely two thoughts: "OMG I AM GOING TO THROW UP" and "DAAAAAAAAAAD!"

I mean, you watch this knowing that the producers persuaded them to do weird hippie stuff for the camera, but if somebody asked me to do weird hippie stuff, my answer would not be, "Sure! I have my daughter's placenta right here in the freezer!" GOOD GOD, people.

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