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get your SPARTACUS questions in

Today on the internet I was retweeted by two SPARTACUS actresses and had a brief exchange with the interim host of THIS WEEK. Not bad for a guy with 62 Twitter followers, a third of them spam. Tomorrow, back to obscurity!

One of these was political and not that interesting, but the SPARTACUS thing was funny. The show's publicity account tweeted that showrunner Steven DeKnight would be taking questions via the Starz Forum, and he'd answer the questions he considered to be the ten best. This seemed to me like a wise moment to start goofing around with possible questions.

S. DeKnight will be taking ten #spartacusquestions! http://bit.ly/9rWCq2 [Don't use this link; see below] What should we ask him, #Spartacus tweeps? (Submissions at link.)

"Will you stunt-cast Renee O'Connor on #Spartacus & give Xena/Gabrielle fans the passionate love scene of their dreams?" #spartacusquestions

"Does Manu Bennett have a clause in his #Spartacus contract guaranteeing his penis more screen time than Peter Mensah?" #spartacusquestions

"Will Season 2 open with #Spartacus encountering Barca in the tepidarium? (IT WAS A DREAM!)" #spartacusquestions

# "Mr. DeKnight, who would win an arm wrestling match between @LesleyAnnBrandt and @Misskatrinalaw?" (I say Brandt) #spartacusquestions

Enter Katrina Law:

@hradzka:"Mr. DeKnight, who would win an arm wrestling match between @LesleyAnnBrandt n @Misskatrinalaw?"(I say Brandt)(Katrina Law Would!)

And Lesley-Ann Brandt:

RT LesleyAnnBrandt @hradzka:"Mr. DeKnight, who would win an arm wrestling match between @LesleyAnnBrandt n @Misskatrinalaw?"(I say Brandt)(Katrina Law Would!)

Law, the people have spoken...let it be!

Back to me:

@LesleyAnnBrandt Word, Ms. Brandt. I know how I'm betting my fifty bucks. #brandt_vs_law #itmusthappen

And that was it. I quote it here because it was fun, and because I am probably going to put a #brandt_vs_law joke into my next live-Tweet review, so now you lot will know WTF I'm on about. (In arm wrestling, I still say Brandt. She's got the shoulders. I'd bet on Law in a foot race.)

Anyway, the reason I mention all this is that I wanted to tell you guys about the SPARTACUS questions thing. If you are watching SPARTACUS, and you have questions for Stephen DeKnight that go beyond "What the fuck? What the FUCK? Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?!" you can pose them, up until May 31. I have to say the tenor of the questions so far is pretty disappointing. Either they're not good questions, or they're in the wrong place -- the link above, reposted from the publicity Twitter, goes to a Facebook wall which takes you to the link. Naturally, people started asking questions at the Facebook wall, even after the poor fellow running it warned they wouldn't accept questions from there (probably b/c they're trying to drive up attendance on the forum). Whoops. So this is the actual link. I've got a few questions up there, but I've got a few more. You probably do, too! (In addition to "What the fuck? What the FUCK? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!", I mean.)

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